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About Me in GAIA
1. I Retired on fishing games
2. continue play ZOMG on saturday & sunday if i remember

Google Me?
1. when I saw 1 things I see it on lot of different side.
2. I prefer to be alone because I can learn lot things, doesn't mean I don't like socialize.
3. Book, Newspaper, & News is my best friends! I learn a lot from there!
4. lot of people think I am weird, oh well... I just different species.
5. If someone find me interesting, perhaps they are more weird than me.
6. in confusing state between have to talk or have to silent.
7. I like classic style, doesn't mean I am not modern.
8. I prefer you who teach me rather than me do it. I give chance for you to try to know me from your side. I just do not want to show how do i know all that shxt!
9. Hate me doesn't matter, never change anything! just keep working & smile so your eyes will turn into sunny side egg~
10. when you read all of this, I wonder how your reaction.
11. However I always dream about nice things, I know things never works well from beginning.
12. result is no matter! it just give greedy feeling. although when works with all you have still not enough, but people says you are stupid!
13. They who says stupid, actually never think, small things is start step to be success.
14. That's why when works for something, never object & know the risk being silly on every one eyes.
15. Why they call me weird? Because no one understand & it's very normal.
16. It's okay, this feeling will keep buried on unknown place while I keep walking on.
17. when I acknowledge by someone more higher than people who badmouthing me, oh well..
18. I do not mind not knowing by people.
19. Appreciation is not necessary but it is good sign hard work get praise!
20. always enjoy the moment of hard life & cherish who hurt the most, your life become amazing & meaningful because you still alive until now with pass that shxt!
21. wow, you still read? I owe you my "Thank you!"
22. no one cannot be strong enough to pass difficulty, that's why ill mental can be happen on anyone.
23. that's also the reason why we have to life & work together to achieve what is called happy & what called marriage may the reason people cannot achieve the goals alone.
24. however in this modern area this meaning can be wrong description for some people.
25. but some people successfully understand these meaning!
26. the result, there will be happy route ending & sad route ending!
27. while on the hard road make sure trust is important.
28. you know, how complex this life but you have someone on your side now
29. while you realize, you will thankfully with all happen on you & regret saying all those shxt!
30. now you step with sincere smile & says good bye~

oh wow, from this step you may laughing. have question, why not? PM me?
Thanks for your coming, await for your next coming! ^.^

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The best buddy fisher at fishing games!

My fishing buddy when I was play on 2013. I hope they still remember me. sweatdrop

heart lil sister in gaia heart

heart FIRE EMBLEM FANS heart

we know each other from same group!

ZOMG Buddy!

tinierme fishing buddy at gaia

after fishing back on 2016, I meet very awesome friends smile

all thanks for her heart

I could appear on april 2013

she was help me on Gambino & courage me to do Durem as well on fishing games