• As she sleeps, he creeps in.
    With a little smile spread on his face.
    She breathes in, he freezes.
    All it takes to wake her, is just a creek of the floor.
    As he steps, he hears the dreadful noise.
    As he looks down, he sees his foot making the sound.
    She wakes up, startled and scared.
    He stares at her with complete satisfaction.
    As she screams at the unfamiliar man, he jumps out the window.
    Only then when he lands, neck broken, she realizes that was her boyfriend visiting as he does each night.
    Now she looks out the window, terrified by how she had killed her one true love.
    She now cries and cries.
    She feels she can't life with the guilt.
    She was the only one who arrived at his funeral, so she takes out a knife, and plunges it as hard as she can into her chest.
    As the blood starts to drip, she looks at her chest and smiles.
    For now she is with the one she loves.