• We were ten strong, living in the present, dying a little more every day.
    WE had our drama, our petty fights, but none of that matters now.
    I thought about it, and then, I realized that it had been weeks since Hannah and I had talked last, where had the time gone? I was siting in my house, it was christmas eve. I'd recieved a christmas letter from Ilara that had one for Hannah too, piggybacking to save postage, as we lived in the same town. It sat on my desk, next to the computer, until new years. When I was told by the general public, that Hannah had passed away. Shock, horror, sadness. It all struck at once, so I spent an hour thinking of her last few.
    If she thought that I'd abandoned her. If she thought I didn't love her anymore. It broke my heart, because I'd known she was dying from the day that I met her, She had told me,
    and I still didn't act on my worries. I held on to the thought that everything is fine as long as you don't think about it.
    And I waited.
    Praying that it wasn't true, that she would be there, and I wouldn't have to miss her so badly every day. for the rest of my life, but it was.
    And now, a year later, she's still gone. And I don't know where her grave is.
    I don't know what it looks like, the epitaph, the urn.
    From ten strong, hard against the world.
    To nine, barely holding together.