• She didnt understand.
    She dreamnt that she had seen her father on a forest floor. But not alive. She woke up dazed and confused. Brianna Fields had just seen her father dead. But he was alive in the other room, she thought. At least she thought he was. Right now she couldnt be sure. She got out of bed and walked down the hall to her parents room hoping to see two lumps in the bed.
    There was only one.
    She looked out the window and saw her father walking out into the woods. She ran to go get him but was too late to stop him. She heard him scream in pain and ran forward to help. His body layed limp on the ground covered in blood.
    "It's alright Brianna. You already know hes dead. Just leave him."
    She turned around to see her best friend Mark.
    "What did you do? Why?"
    "Because your dad didnt want us to be together. He didnt think I was right for you. He was wrong. Brianna I love you. I have loved you for so long. He was just getting in our way."
    "You just killed my dad and you expect me to love you back? What are you crazy? I would rather eat someones brain than to EVER love you. Leave. Me. Alone!"

    To be continued...