• I just felt like looking nice when I woke up. Sometimes I dress kind of boyish with lose fitting clothes and all, but then people get the wrong idea about me. I wanted to look pretty like an actual girl. Since its fall it gets dark at like six at night witch is good for me cause the sun does horrible things to my completion if you know what I mean.
    So anyways, I don’t really have a closet cause I don’t really have a room; I live in the basement so I keep all my clothes in a big trunk so they don’t smell like mold or anything. Since it was October I knew it was going to be kind of chilly, so I should wear something warm looking even though cold doesn’t really affect me. I wanted to look innocent so I decided on a sky blue dress with a turtle neck thing going on, I wore that with a white jacket that I left open because I hate buttoning it. Then I just got some cute white shoes on to match. I didn’t bother to look in the mirror but I knew I looked good.
    The people I live with don’t approve of my lifestyle so I sort of sneak out. I mean they know I can’t help what I am, but I guess they want me to be more like my sister or something, I don’t know. It bothers me, you know? Not everyone can be perfect just because there related to someone perfect. So I tip-toed all the way up the stairs and opened the door a crack to hear what was going on. The little girl was watching cartoons and her mom was in the kitchen cooking something awful smelling. I decided to go out the front door to avoid the woman and her smelly concoction. And because the kitchen is right by the back door and I didn’t want her to be all like, ‘Hey Evangeline where ya going?’. I knew I wouldn’t be stopped if I went through the living room past the little girl. She’s kind of afraid of me. Its funny I scared her pretty bad one night.
    So I walked pretty boldly right out the front door. I even walked right in between her and the TV so she saw me leave. Ahh I’m horrible but I love scaring that girl. There was this one night where she was up pretty late for a kid and I’d just come in from a night out with blood all down my front. She looked at me all bug-eyed and freaked out; I just couldn’t help myself I let out this huge smile.
    Anyways I didn’t know what I wanted to do once I got out. I mean it was such a beautiful night. The kind of night that makes you feel alive even if you’re not, even as the last remaining leaves are blown off the sleeping trees. Its just breath taking, I love this season with all my heart. With the colors and the sound of the dead leaves scraping along with the wind against the abandoned streets. And it smells nice too, not the way you would think like flowers or cookies, not that kind of nice. It’s a little rotten honestly, like moist leaves in the gutter mixed with the crispy ones that are fun to walk on, it smells like cold too, not that cold has a smell but sometimes I guess it does, I don’t know its hard to explain.
    Well I guess my feet kind of moved themselves and I found myself at the park again. I almost always go to the park. Its my favorite place other than where I sleep. If I ever die I want to be buried somewhere in the park. I mean it so big no one would even notice, I don’t want a gravestone or nothing. I just want to lie quietly beneath the soft green grass and blankets of snow. There’s a long gravel path that runs through the whole place with some benches for joggers and old people to rest and feed birds and what not. It was almost seven so there weren’t too many people there. It gets pretty creepy at night with the naked trees scraping at the sky, reaching for the moon. I like it. The atmosphere and what not, that’s another thing I like about the park; its full of trees. I mean full, its almost more like a forest preserve than a park. I think its only called a park cause it has a couple baseball fields. Well whatever, I still love it.
    I really should’ve gone someplace else. It was really empty even though it wasn’t too late. Its cause they keep finding my handy work all over the park. Corpses and what not. How’d the police put it? ‘Strange bodies completely drained of blood’? Something like that. It’s a small town no one’ll catch me. I’ll kill everyone before they catch me. Its not that I like killing people. Its kind of an escape for me I guess. Like how depressed business men like to go get drunk. I don’t like drunks though, I understand them a little too well, but all that alcohol makes them taste bad. And I’ve tried them three times. The taste of alcohol always drowns out that sweet taste of depression. I guess I’m a purist, I only like sad people. Happy people just don’t have a taste to me.
    Anyways the only person at the park was this girl. Which sucked because I dressed real cute hoping to snag an equally cute guy, but all there was this girl. And I’m not even into girls. But whatever, I was really hungry I didn’t get anything to eat for like three days. She was all slumped down on the bench. I went and sat next to her and said hello. Then I felt really dumb cause she was sleeping. I decided to shake her awake. She was pretty freaked out when she woke up.
    “Oh my gosh what time is it? I have to get home its dark….” She was pretty weird to be in such a hurry just because it was dark.
    “Why do you have to go home?”
    “Huh? What do you mean? They’ll worry if I’m not home.” She got up and rubbed her eyes. “Thanks for waking me; you should go home too, there’s a murderer that they still haven’t caught yet.”
    “If your worried about me you should stay.” I decided to play the sympathy card, she seemed kind of sappy all worried about her family.
    “I don’t have a home to go to.”
    “Why what happened?” I mustered up some fake tears to make her comfort me.
    “I got kicked out.” It worked she sat down again.
    “Don’t cry here, tell me what happened.” I made up this huge bullshit story about how I thought my mom’s new boyfriend was going to rape me and how when I told her she got mad and kicked me out. It was the best story I ever told. By the end of the story I was “sobbing” and the girl put her arm around me and everything.
    “You really don’t have any place to go?”
    “No…my relatives al live far away and my best friend is on vacation.” I love putting people in tight spots.
    “Well I don’t really know you but…. I suppose you can stay with me for the night.” Yes. Just what I wanted!
    “No I couldn’t, we only just met…I don’t event know your name.”
    “I’m May Anderson.”
    “I’m Eve Daily .” (Fake Name)
    “I know we only just met but I cant leave you out on the street with some dangerous criminal on the lose, my parents will understand.”
    “You really think so?’
    “I know so.”
    “Okay.” She took me home with her. I couldn’t believe how stupid she was. Normally only men take me home with them. She explained my situation to her parents and they set up an inflatable mattress for me in their daughter’s room. They even offered me something to eat. I had to try real hard not to laugh cause their daughter was the only thing on my menu at that point. Eventually the house was lulled into my quiet night. I was lying on the floor right next to May’s bed. I thought she was sleeping but she wasn’t she started yapping at me.
    “Do you have a boyfriend?”
    “Do you like anyone?”
    “No.” At that moment I was like ‘crap I got picked up by a lesbian’ and I was, which sucked because I dressed like a girl and everything. I mean if I dressed like a boy it’d be different. But she just kept talking.
    “If the air mattress is uncomfortable, you can come up here.”
    “Thank you, I think I will.” So what I got in, chill. I did it for food, like everything else I do. But then she really started being weird.
    “Eve your so cold…” she put her arms around me. After that it hit me. Like a title wave. She was closeted, her parents didn’t know, her friends didn’t know. She’s religious she thinks she’s going to hell. All this unhappiness radiated from her body. After that I couldn’t control myself. I rolled over and embraced her loneliness.
    “I need you.” I whispered breathlessly in her ear. She tore away and sat up.
    “I don’t know what your thinking but…” I took her face in my hands.
    “Don’t lie to me I know what you are. I know what you want.”
    “Please don’t, its wrong…”
    “Not as wrong as what I’m going to do.”
    “What?” That was her last word. After that I kissed her a few times, because she was so pathetic and she thought that I was some gift from heaven come to take her troubles away. Why should I take that last minute of hope away from her? After a few steamy kisses I covered her mouth and sunk my teeth into her lovely neck. The hopelessness a closeted homosexual feels is a unique flavor that I think I might enjoy once in a while. Its like fancy whine compared to beer. Defiantly a once in a while treat.
    When I was finished I climbed out her window and started home. I was careful not to get any blood on my light blue dress, cause I mean it looked so good on me. The streets looked so beautiful that night, washed in a light sprinkling of midnight rain. With every streetlight standing at there assigned corner lighting the way for no one in particular. I didn’t feel as good as I thought I would. Maybe it was the rain.
    The lights were out in my house, everyone was sound asleep. The woman I live with always leaves the back door open for me. Quietly I snuck in. down the steps to my cool concrete tomb. I put my clothes in a laundry basket and put on my big old t shirt. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I turned around and stared at myself for quite a while. I could see me just fine. Why couldn’t May see me for what I was? I picked the mirror up and threw it across the basement. I don’t need it. It doesn’t matter to me. Seven years bad luck will go by in a heartbeat. I hated it anyways.
    I climbed into my coffin and closed it softly above me. It’s the only place I feel comfortable. The only place I feel safe. The only place I’ll let myself cry. I really don’t know why but that morning I cried a lot. For the first time in a while I felt sorry for what I did. May really was an innocent person. I was just pretending.