• I'm on fire
    You sparked me with a flame
    You did so as you shouted my name
    You lit me up
    As you watched my skin burn
    A smile emerged across your face
    Purifying me and all of my disgrace
    You're burning me alive
    As I melt to the floor
    As I clutch to my skin
    You call out each one of my sins
    You love the sound

    My balance starts to fail
    You watch as I kneel to the floor
    Watching as I become no more
    You love the taste
    The smell of me becomes known
    You laugh as you see that I am dying
    You laugh as you catch me for my lying
    You're enjoying each moment
    When the clock hits midnight
    I am finally free
    From what you did to me
    You wipe away your sweat

    What you did not know
    I am innocent
    I am heaven sent
    You set the blame upon me

    I did nothing wrong
    But you didn't understand
    You took matters into your own hands
    You were wrong

    Though you don't think you did wrong
    You live with this sin
    Because you didn't listen
    You're hell bound
    When you finally see
    When you finally realize
    In yourself you will heavily despise
    You will burn like I did

    You'll sit down and cry
    I will frown from above
    But I will still send you love
    You'll need it in hell ...
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